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Our design method follows a 5-phase process

Our process is dedicated to you. It will always be adapted to your needs and resources.
We can design the products in complete technical autonomy or work in coworking with your teams integrating your marketing and engineering skills.


1 Understanding, analysis and formulation

Observing the life that crystallises around your products. Engaging with your corporate, meeting the people who make up your business and revealing your ambitions.

  • Analysis of technical and technological tools
  • Perception of your brand landscape
  • Evaluation of sources of growth
  • Analysis report
  • Extended design specification
  • Product roadmap
  • Process proposal
  • Project set-up
  • Proposition de process
  • Montage de projet











Brand analysis for  EUROCOPTER

2 Research and innovation

The creative process is disruptive. Resolving the many puzzles set by the proper formulation of your projects. Innovating means inventing that which does not already exist. Innovation means finding elegant solutions drawing on vibrant technical inventiveness and a deep-seated knowledge of the language of forms and signs.

  • Workshops
  • Formulation of problems to be addressed
  • Usage scenarios and sketches
  • Preliminary design and 3D modelling
  • Technical approach to costings










Pre-project file, 3D modelling for SAINT GOBAIN

3 Developing and completing the design

Examination of the technical, ergonomic and sensory aspects of the product.

  • 3D modelling of external surfaces
  • Structural definition
  • Engineering design
  • Interface design
  • Spatial modelling
  • User testing
  • Collaboration with design offices













General engineering and co-working with SCHREDER

4 Production and industrialisation

Identification of the best possible industrial tools and processes.

  • Definition of industrialisation strategy
  • Optimisation of production tools to be used
  • Definition of lead-times and programming
  • Final development
  • Prototyping
  • Quality control










GHM development and prototyping monitoring

5 Product launch and marketing

Creation of a marketing environment, support and sales vectors for your products. Branding development, definition of the target market and brand value.

  • Product name and pitch
  • Design identity
  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Commercial monitoring
  • Brand development
  • Corporate development










Identity design, naming, logo and packaging for XKO factory










Material optimisation for ECLATEC

Sustainable design

At each design stage, evaluation of the environmental impact of materials and processes

  • Materials optimisation and engineering
  • Choice of low-impact and recyclable materials
  • Usage optimisation, intelligent use
  • Timeless design with maximum product design life
  • Choice of manufacturing sites based on low pollution and proximity
  • Designing with the circular economy in mind





Our creativity and our 360° expertise allow us to offer you leverage on innovation in your competitive markets, creating seductive, desirable products with clearly perceived quality.

Our goal: to boost competitiveness through innovation, provision of new services, enhanced quality of use and the optimisation of processes and implementation costs.

Our experience, built up through the development of hundreds of products, allows us rapidly to understand your objectives and your manufacturing and industry challenges.

Our team spans a range of complementary areas of expertise: from design and engineering, through technicians and architects to graphic designers. Our men and women have far-reaching knowledge in diverse areas such as trends, styles, ergonomics, eco-design, engineering, materials and production techniques.


Our method has been proven for over 30 years and is constantly being optimised. It applies to our 3 areas of expertise. It always includes analysis of your environment, innovative and conceptual research, style study, technical development, prototyping and manufacturing follow-up. It concludes with commercial support for the launch of your products.