Agence Michel Tortel is an industrial design and innovation studio.                                                  !

It provides full-service support to companies and public bodies for innovative products, urban, space and brand projects .                                        !

Its creative process is based on human, technical and scientific foundations, focused and applied to utility and form to create new sources of growth.        !

Its multi-disciplinary structure allows issues of scale, expertise and product life-cycles to be addressed in a variety of ways, leading to an open and effective creative response.


Established in 1987 by Michel Tortel, an architect by training, our studio initially focused solely on product design. In 1998 we added design of urban spaces alongside this core business, and then in 2002 expanded into architectural design.

The studio draws on its expertise and prolific and varied experience, built up over more than 25 years, in project development, design, innovation and engineering. We have a back catalogue of many hundreds of products developed and brands supported through product design, urban design and architecture.

Our design studio has a unique profile thanks to its mastery of all elements of product design, brand development and architecture. This culture gives us an extraordinary creative wealth, which is paired with thorough technical rigour and guided by the constant quest for excellence. 

Our expertise lies in creating concepts and products with intelligent design. Our products and spaces set standards and are designed to endure over time. We also produce the branding tools and environment to sell our designs.














Product design                . 

For major companies, SMEs and technology start-ups producing everything from household goods, through connected objects to transport equipment.

Engineering  design                      .

And technology concepts that connect areas of knowledge, to invent a project architecture or structure a process.

Graphic design                .

And brand identity to highlight a deeper identity and stake out a unique brand territory.

Urban design                  .

Taming the city to enrich, enhance and develop people’s lives.

Architectural design               .

Creating living spaces where each element has a meaning, a quality and an identity.