Evokes innovation, immortality, biotech, space and geometric perfection.
It references AI, quantum computing, data, the conquest of the infinite and the infinitesimal, information and singularity
A pure form, its immediacy suspended in a spectacular cantilever.
A homage to the void, and to the materials that provide solutions to future scientific questions
This void is a treasure chest creating a gigantic holographic screen displaying 3D images, which allow us to escape the limits of material scale as they change in size and volume in response to air traffic
An exceptional walkway with its own restaurant and cafe
But also an experimental vertical farm with areas for themed exhibitions displaying the innovations of Silicon Valley
3D metal structure in replaceable and recyclable steel at a 32° angle, 60 feet tall, naturally ventilated, housing up and down escalators and staircases
Designed for wind and earthquake resistance, it is mounted on deep foundations that house escalator plant and batteries
The southern face is glazed with embedded PV cells covering 35,300 square feet and producing 8.2Mwh/year, more than covering energy use from operations, to ensure net zero carbon emissions