Valinta . Schreder


Holistic city illumination system.

In response to an aging and incomplete range of products, particularly in the face of new needs and fierce competition, we developed a completely new holistic city lighting system for Schreder.

We took charge of the entire conception and design process, from competitive analysis, creative research (where we proposed over 20 concepts), detailed design definition of the chosen solution, definition of the technical principles, right through to development and industrialization.

Valinta is an innovative and comprehensive platform for lighting designers, designed both to create luminaires for urban lighting and spotlights dedicated to highlighting the city’s architectural and cultural heritage. An elegant and ingenious lighting solution at the cutting edge of LED technology, the concept is aimed at the European and international markets.

It’s a highly technical product, both in terms of elegant integration into its varied urban environments and the intelligence of a platform that saves materials and resources. A structural eco-design that offers a wide range of assembly and illumination possibilities, whether scenic or fixed, for the utmost comfort of city users.

With few basic combinable elements, it comes in six complete ranges, adjustable in terms of photometry and direction. Thanks to its modular architecture, it offers exceptional potential for expression for lighting designers, landscape architects and urban planners the world over.

Its sleek, high-quality design blends subtly and delicately into any landscape, enhancing visual comfort. A timeless design made to last in urban spaces that need life, delicacy and softness.

Valinta has been launched at several trade shows and has met with immense success. Its first installations are appearing around the world. S