Trema . Radian


New range of led office lighting

Radian’s challenge was to renew an aging bestseller in a competitive and technical market for tertiary workspace lighting, using the latest technologies available to increase product efficiency.

We carried out a complete conception and design mission, from market analysis to technical development and industrialization.

We built Trema in a modular fashion, limiting the number of parts and thus reducing its environmental impact. All components are recyclable. Its system of light diffusion using specially machined micro-premiums creates comfortable, soft lighting environments with homogeneous photometry. When switched off, the diffuser plate becomes transparent, making the product extremely light in space. The collection is available in floor, wall and pendant versions.

The product is aimed at the international market. Its simple, architectural and timeless design has considerably broadened its target market, particularly in the home and hotel sectors.  It’s a highly technical product, but it doesn’t show it. Its appearance is as simple as possible, leaving only the light to speak for itself. It represents an innovative form of French elegance.

The award-winning product has been a great commercial success and is growing steadily. It is now referenced by UGAP.